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VPN trusts Cisco WebEx to deliver music education to our students for its high-quality video and audio, Cisco security, and features like recording and remote control.  WebEx has enabled distance learning programs at USC, Stanford, Georgetown University,* and many top organizations around the globe.  For VPN Music School, it tested well with all types of music classes.


As a VPN Professor, you have access to this online tool for your “virtual classroom.” Below, we’ve compiled a list of training materials to help you get started becoming a pro with WebEx!  Block out time for training now, before your schedule gets full, and go through the information below while logged in to WebEx (contact VPN Management if you need your WebEx username and password):


1.       Review Cisco’s Getting Started Guide: Cisco WebEx Meetings


2.       Watch Cisco’s Get started with WebEx for WebEx Meetings.  Review the following:

a.   Schedule a Meeting

b.      Attend A Meeting

                                                               i.      NOTE: We do not use dial-in or ‘Call Me.’  Use ‘Call  Using Computer’

d.      Share Content in Your Meeting

e.      Record a Meeting

f.   Download Getting Started with Meeting Center for PC 

            g.  Download Getting Started with Meeting Center for Mac


3.       Join a Test Meeting to test system compatibility and practice skills above.


4.       Additional Resources


a.       WebEx Tutorial: Key Features – a highly technical overview of features.

b.      Stanford’s Best Practices for Video Conferencing

c.       WebEx Training – by Sarah Aldridge of Ball State University* (Great 24min Training)



* VPN, LLC is not affiliated with USC, Stanford, Georgetown, or Ball State Universities.

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