VPN Management's IT, education, and music industry experience inspires the vision. Our goal is simple: to expand the world of music education by bringing it to the world.

Though our VPN stands for “Virtuosi Production Network,” we are a proverbial ‘virtual private network’ of industry professionals who deliver live, online music classes. We believe virtuosi are everywhere, and everyone is brilliant in their own unique ways.  

With decades of music and education experience, VPN Management designed the online school, from the ground up, to deliver the best learning experience for students and professors. Co-Founder Dave Wilson shares his professional music, sound engineering, teaching and a high-level IT career in corporate, government, and higher education. Co-Founder Brian Patridge combines his LA studio, orchestral percussion, and teaching experience with decades in IT, to form VPN Music School.

By connecting in a virtual space, we can share music with people, from all walks of life, that we may have never met in-person. To distinguish our live online classes from in-person, we’ve coined “VPN Classes” to represent the use of modern technologies and timeless methods to deliver music education.


Musicians have been teaching for thousands of years.  We've simply found a way to connect virtuosi and aspiring musicians live, online, to continue this age-old tradition in a modern way.


"Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand."  

-Stevie Wonder 


VPN Music School

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